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Thank you to Michael Cassata and City Manager, Kim Turner with the City of Universal City for taking time to present their Aviation District Revitalization Plan to our members and guests.  
If you missed the meeting and you're curious what the future may hold for Universal's a link to the masterplan
Thank you to Luke Vorsterman, founder of the Roll A Hippo Foundation for coming all the way from Canada for a zoom presentation:)!!! If you missed the presentation or if you want to learn more please go online to  You can also learn more about their 1000 Survival Gardens project.  These are great projects that give people a HAND UP not a HAND OUT!  We all want to be self sufficient, some just need a little help getting there.
THANK YOU TO our Youth Services Chair and President Elect, Cheri Armstrong and Foundation Chair, Linda Bell who walked us through setting up and navigating "My Rotary".  Did you know...when you sign into it becomes "My Rotary"?  
Thank you to Member, Mindy Paxton, Executive Director of the Tri-County Chamber of Commerce for speaking to our members.  To learn more about the Tri-County Chamber please go to
Join us at our next ZOOM luncheon where we will hear from Brooke Kearney, Chief Mission Officer at Morgans Wonderland!  Everyone is welcome to join us, simply click this link and you will be transported to our ZOOM meeting!
Thank you everyone who joined us for our first in-person luncheon since March 9th!  That's more than 7 months...not that anyone's counting.  Thank you to our speaker Maggie Titterington, IOM, President at The Chamber, Schertz - Cibolo - Selma.  To learn more about The Chamber please visit Special Thanks to member Brian Smith with Brian Smith Designers for sponsoring this luncheon.
Thanks to all who joined us for our "Whats Your Favorite App" zoom luncheon! Our next luncheon on October 12th will be in-person!
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