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Why I Joined Randolph Metrocom Rotary
Why I Joined Rotary!
I love the Randolph Metrocom Rotary Club because service to the community is at the heart of all we do. I strive to provide a servant leadership style in my personal and professional life, and Rotary is an extension of my core values.
Why I Joined Rotary?
From a global perspective, I love Rotary for what the organization does to better our world, from the eradication of Polio to the organization's work to bring people from all over the world together.  From a local perspective, I love my fellow Rotarians for what they do to serve and make our community better for all.
Why I Joined Rotary?
I love Rotary for what it stands for "Service Above Self." With no political or religious interference, the focus on helping a diverse selection of communities and individuals takes center stage. The 4-way test has been a part of my business and personal decision-making process for a long time now, and it has become an integral part of my life. To be a Rotarian is not only to be the best you can be, but to bring the best out in others by setting an example through service and education. Being a Rotarian really rocks!!
Why I Joined Rotary?
I joined Rotary because I get to network with other businesses gaining valuable knowledge of their processes that could help mine. Rotary allows me to help members connect with others. I also like to volunteer for various fundraising activities, being able to give back a little of my time, and to help organizations raise funds for their cause.
It gives me great pleasure in helping others and working with a team  as Rotary truly cares.
Finally, if I can be that one person that makes a difference in the life of another, because Rotary has provided us our network with others, that is my reward at the end of the day.
Why I Joined Rotary?
I love being a part of Rotary because everything we do is to help those who need it most.  
Why I Joined Rotary?
I love Rotary because of the Citizenship in the world.  There are over 33,000 clubs in 200 nations where you can go anywhere in the world, attend a club meeting and be welcomed. You have the opportunity to meet incredibly charitable people who have a heart to serve.  You can't measure  those types of connections and how valuable they are when you want to get something accomplished for the good of Rotary and to serve.
Why I Joined Rotary!
I like Rotary for the relationships I have built on a personal and professional level with my fellow Rotarians as well as the opportunities Rotary provides to serve our community.  
Why I Joined Rotary?
Like most people, I believe we are a product of those with whom we associate. I love business professionals who have a servant's heart and who are interested in improving the lives of those in our communities and beyond. Rotary champions on behalf of causes I believe in and we share similar values. I'm honored to be a part of Randolph Metrocom Rotary.
Why I Joined Rotary?
I joined Rotary because serving and helping others is in my blood. I grew up in Third world countries, like Peru and Chile. I also witnessed poverty and hardship to the extremes while I was in the Army, due to my deployments to countries like Iraq, Guatemala, and Honduras. In my personal life, I can say that I was one of the lucky few in the world that grew up in a comfortable home with all the benefits of a family that was wealthy and educated. But, as I said, I am one of the lucky few for that. I can only wish that every child, woman, and man in the world had what I had. So, this is my way to make that possible one person, one child, one community at a time. Rotary has given me the opportunity to make my dream came true.
Why I Joined Rotary?
I love that our club has such a diverse membership with men and women from 39 to 90 all willing to serve our club and our community.
Why I Joined Rotary?
The Randolph Metrocom Rotary Club has a culture of inclusiveness. There has not been one meeting that I have attended where I didn't feel like everyone was actively trying to make me feel a part of the club. I have never felt judged or intimidated at a meeting. It's a welcoming environment ALWAYS!
Why I Joined Rotary?
I love the Randolph Metrocom Rotary Club because of the people involved.  We have a club full of professionals who have a heart for service and a desire to invest in the community. Our club focuses on serving the community through partnering with the community in education.
How We Give Back
It's Our 2nd Annual Fundraiser to Recognize Frontline Workers. Funds raised go to Scholarships in our area.
This luncheon with it's speaker and targeted audience falls under one of the Five Avenues of Rotary Service
Meet The President

Cheri Armstrong a resident of South Texas, has served her community in Schertz through her business and church since she moved from Topeka, Kansas 41 years ago. She has used her business as an avenue to reach those in need both in her community and in missions across the world.. Cheri has been involved in her local rotary (Randolph Metrocom Rotary) and presently serves as President for  2021-2022, 2022-2023  She also invests her time in business chambers, and has been involved with her local area advocating for small businesses.  Cheri continues to use her passion for serving others today by investing in the lives of young women. Facing adversity herself she has been able to overcome obstacles in her path. Her faith has kept her focused on embracing the opportunities in life and not the obstacles that may discourage her on her journey.  Cheri has become a trusted advisor to those who seek counsel.

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Mobile clinic delivers free healthcare for Wisconsin’s underserved communities

Rotary clubs in District 6250 (Wisconsin and Minnesota, USA) have donated a mobile clinic to St. Clare Health Mission, a community organization in La Crosse, Wisconsin, that provides primary and specialty health care services at no cost for those without access to insurance.

Rotary President Jennifer Jones announces US$150 million pledge toward polio eradication

Rotary President Jennifer Jones appeared on the stage at the star-studded Global Citizen Festival to announce an additional US$150 million pledge toward that end.