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What's next for the City of Live Oak?  The Olive Garden will soon be joining IKEA in the Live Oak Town Center.  Anything else headed our way is still a secret or, not yet confirmed.  We would like to thank Jordan Matney for coming out and giving us the low down all the growth coming to Live Oak including residential and multi-family housing.  We would also like to wish Jordan all the best in her new endeavor with the City of New Braunfels.  Special thanks to Liane Garrett with MadWomen Marketing for sponsoring the luncheon.
Thank you to Kasie Tankersley with GVEC for coming out to explain GVEC's "Rush Hour Rewards" program.  If your a GVEC customer you'll want to check it on
Special thanks to Jan Haynie with Schertz Bank & Trust for being our lunch sponsor. 
Thank you too Deb Pennabecker with Randolph High School, for bringing out this years Interact students to talk to us about all the good work they're doing in the community.  We also enjoyed hearing from this years RYLA student, Samuel (in red), who made it very clear that this event affected him in ways he never knew was possible over a 3 day weekend, forging new friendships and experiences he will take with hi throughout his life journey.  Special thanks to member, Michael Beaver with Northeast Methodist Hospital for sponsoring this luncheon.
Thank you to the members and guests who joined us for a committee style luncheon to discuss upcoming projects.  Jan Hayne with Schertz Bank caught Liane Garrett with MadWomen Marketing talking about the 2020 Volunteer of the Year event.  Members also discussed the upcoming Western Night for GRASP scheduled for February 22nd and several topics surrounding The Foundation and Youth Services.  Special thanks to Cheri Armstrong with Meca Sportswear and Armstrong recognition for sponsoring the luncheon.
Thank you to Ruben Hernandez, and guests, with the 2019 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo for coming out to promote this great event.  Special thanks to Jay Higginson with GRASP for sponsoring our luncheon. 
We hope everyone had a Wonderful Christmas and a Very Happy New Year!
Thank you to Justin and the students from Wiederstein Choir for entertaining us once again!  Special thanks to Schertz Bank & Trust for sponsoring this luncheon!
Golf Tournament Sponsors